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Date: 12th June 2018
Title: Forums & Layout
Author: Carcharodontosaurus
A couple of updates today!

First one is the forums, Jurassica will no longer have forums on this website due to the lack of time and commitment towards keeping a Forum up to date and running, this is why the Discord is highly enocouraged. However, after talks with the Admin of Jurassic Mainframe they have agreed to allow me to link to their forums instead.

Jurassic Mainframe started off being a small collection of like minded users from the previously popular Jurassic Pak fansite JPLegacy. Not wanting to lose friendships and all the fun the users had over the years on the old forum they migrated and found Main Frame. There are not only veterans of the Franchise there but also new fans which are welcomed with open arms.

You should check them out Now!

Secondly Is the news looks a little different, I am trying to use as little tables as possible in the new design as I had a complaint about the layout not flowing correctly for smaller screens or mobile. Wether or not Mobile version will be made is down to time constraints and any possible cost. If possible the layout will remain the same as it is now.

Thank you for reading.

Date: 07th June 2018
Title: Some Updates
Author: Carcharodontosaurus
Due to the new a few new laws coming into place this website now has a Cookie compliance popup. If you chose not to browse the website due to Cookies being made, then feel free to do so. Jurassica has no scripts or files to gather any of your data, the only external scripts we use is google adsense and google search, which it's up to Google to outline what information they collect from your browsing as such adverts will target you based on your history on websites that have such settings to allow it.

In regards to cookies and the GDPR you can find out more by checking these links Cookies and GDPR.

If there is any information given or you are not satisfied with Jurassica in any way then please feel free to Contact me

More updates are on the way, in the meantime why don't you check out our Discord? I have been playing a lot of Jurassic World Alive and if you'd like to see this game being covered on here then let me know, have a good one.
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