Carnivores II - Hunting Options

When choosing an Area you have 1 of 3 options, Daytime, Night and Morning.

Hunting Time: Dawn
Dawn is good time for hunting herbivorous creatures, because they are less scarable. Carnivores are less agressive at dawn.

Hunting Time: Day
Day is a best time for hunt, because you can see every move of a dinosaur much better than at night or dawn. It is good for beginners.

Hunting Time: Night
You are hunting at night using night-vision system. At night many of small herbivorous creatures are sleeping. However,   carnivores are more agressive at night.

You can also choose to use Observer mode, this is a great way for Beginners to familiarize themselves with the different terrain, dinosaur movements and habits. No weapons or Items can be used whilst in Observation mode, only the Map and Goggles.


  Carnivores II - Hunting Area's

Before you start the Hunt, you have to choose which Area you want to hunt in.
Each area is unlocked the more points you get, and so does the difficulty to hunt in the new area.

Delphaeus Hills | Fort Ciskin | Vengar Fjords | Manya Jungle | Mount Raven |


Delphaeus Hills Map

The smallest island on the tour. The rolling hills surround an enormous bay. Impassible mountains make deadly traps for the unwary. In the center of the island is a large chasm of unknown origin, and the deserted remains of an archaeology outpost. Mild difficulty.


  Fort Ciskin

Fort Ciskin Map

A good sized area consisting of dense pine forests encircling a murky swamp. In the southwest corner lies an abandoned settlement guarded by a towering "Dinosaur Wall", that now lies in ruins from the fury of a T-Rex. Mild difficulty.


  Vengar Fjords

Vengar Fjords Map

Lush pockets of vegetation, and thousands of inlets cover this area. This beautiful but treacherous piece of land includes an ancient volcano. Be careful when wandering the virtual maze of water and mountains created by glaciers millions of years ago. Intermediate difficulty.


  Manya Jungle

Manya Jungle Map

Ringed with snow-capped mountains, this hunting area is rumored to be a nesting ground for some of the larger dinosaurs. Muddy marshes to the southwest, and a long abandoned "Dinosaur Wall" make this one of the most mysterious areas on the tour. Intermediate difficulty.


  Mount Raven

Mount Raven Map

This island, broken by waterways and mountains is the most difficult by far. The frozen peaks of Mt. Ravan overlook a thick tropical forest that may quickly become a deadly maze where hidden danger abounds. Be careful of the active lavaflow to the south as well. Advanced difficulty.


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