Carnivores II - Cheats

Debug Mode
During the game type: DEBUGUP
This turns the cheat's on, during this, All Dinosaur's will ignore you, Your invincible to, drowning, falling, burning etc, but if you injured a close Dinosaur, or a Dinosaur detected you before the cheat activated, you can be killed if they catch you. Also, Plant eaters are still spooked in this mode, but only when you get close to them! The following cheats can be used whilst in this mode.

Flying Shift + L
Slow Motion Shift + S
No Models Shift + M
Gour Mapping Off Shift + G
Phong Mapping Off Shift + P
Env Mapping Off Shift + E
View Shift + O
Timer Shift + T
Turn Fog Off Shift + F
Extreme Speed Shift
High Jumps During Extreme Speed Shift + Space Bar

If you wish to turn off the Debugmode just type: DEBUGUP Again.


  Carnivores II - Hints & Tips

Herbivores (Plant Eaters):
When herbivores detect you, they will generally try to get as far away from your as possible. If you pursue them, they will usually continue in the same direction until they no longer detect you, or they encounter an obstacle that they cannot cross. If you lose sight of a herbivore that you have been chasing, simply continue in the direction that it was last seen, using the correct call if possible. Once you have cornered your prey, move in for the kill.

Carnivores (Meat Eaters):
Carnivores often have difficulty in navigating cliffs and precipices. If you detect a predator early enough, jump into a ravine or over a cliff, and then pick off the beast as it attempts to find a way to you. Be aware that Tyrannosaurs have an uncanny ability to get to you in places where other carnivores cant!

1. It is not possible to reload your weapon, but choosing double ammo will give you more shots per hunt.

2. If you have enough points, bring several weapons with you, and save your best weapon for the Carnivores.

3. Don't waste your shots on non-target herbivores such as Moshops and Galimimus. You may need all of your ammo to stop a charging Carnivore!

4. Use of cheat codes and some hunting accessories will lower your earned points for the hunt you're currently in.

5. Stay upwind of the creature you are tracking, and move slowly to avoid detection.

6. If you get killed, all of your trophies and points from that hunt will be lost. Once you have a trophy, it's best to evacuate and re-arm. Don't get greedy!

7. Once your trophy room is full, all new trophies will be lost. You should periodically remove smaller trophies to make room for new ones.

8. It is possible to drown, so don't try to cross large bodies of water. If you find yourself in too deep, stay near the surface to get air and get back to land quickly!

9. Jumping into water to escape predators is not recommended, as the Carnivores move almost as quickly in water as they do on land.

10. It is not possible to die from falling, so don't hesitate to climb those large mountains to get a better view and stay protected from predators.

11. The best way to climb steep inclines is to move sideways while jumping.

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