Carnivores - Hunting

The Woods of Turan Choks | Basmachee Rocks | The Jungles of Gravitsappa | The Ancient Temple | The Pyramids of Shmu-hadron | The Great Lake

Each location is unique with varying difficulties and terrain. The new hunter will be given three choices, with more added for the advanced hunter, and a final area for the expert hunter, for a total of six locations.

A mild climate and good range of sight make this a great beginner's map. This was the first island explored on the new planet. Turan Choks, named for the captain of the science vessel to discover the planet, is a hilly wooded area populated by a variety of dinosaurs.

This map is a good challenge for beginning hunters. The exact origin of this island remains a mystery. Its unique topography of deserts, mountains, and lakes makes for a challenging area to hunt in. High hills can be a great place to perch in wait, or hide a dinosaur from sight.

A fantastic area for beginning hunters. Lava-filled cracks show prior seismic activity on this island. The tropical jungles on the rest of the island are teeming with dinosaurs, hiding in the ground mists or around the rolling hills.

With only a small temple as a safe zone, this is a map for advanced hunters. The temple, located in the center of the island remains one of the biggest mysteries on the planet. Hieroglyphs on the wall indicate a worship of the Velociraptor, calling the beast "fast as the wind, with teeth sharper than any blade."

This is a map for experienced hunters. These Pyramids in the desert terrain of this area were built by a long-gone race, and their use remains unknown. These structures are ideal for hunting and hiding around, but beware; predators can climb the pyramids too.

For expert hunters only! Surrounded by an impassible wall of mountains, this is the most difficult terrain to hunt on the planet. The giant meteor-made lake in the center is the only obstacle on this barren, desolate island.

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