Warpath Logo They're back, bigger and meaner than ever! This time thought, the dinosaurs are not bothering with mere manking, but tangling amongst themselves to see who will reign supreme! Warpath: Jurassic Park delivers gigantic dinos armed with razor-sharp claws and too-long teeth face-toface with only their equal: each other!
You roam the world as one of 14 dinosaurs ready to rumble with fellow beasts. Each creature comes equipped with two unique styles of attack and its own means of defence.
Taunt your foe with oversized arrogance or luncge at the throat for the merciless kill! Brace you impenetrable armour to save your tough hide or use your speed and size to dodge your opponent.
In the end only one can survive and rule the Jurassic Age!

Official Product Description - Savage dinosaur fighting in the world of Jurassic Park. Flesh-ripping claws. Bone-crushing jaws. The world of Jurassic Park rages when history's deadliest creatures face-off in rabid combat. Enter the arena as T-Rex, Mega Raptor, or one of 12 other savage dinosaurs and attack with razor-sharp teeth and dozens of killer moves. Battle in 14 interactive arenas--where erratic tails crush cars and hurling beasts trigger explosions-based on scenes from Jurassic Park and The Lost World. When these prehistoric predators meet, the devastation is absolute.

Platform: Playstation
Genere: Fighting
Distributed by: EA

  Warpath - Getting Started

Main Menu Main Menu
Options - Access The Options Screen
Museum - View stats for every Dinosaur in the game.
Team - Build a team of dinos for a two-player war.
Practice - Hone your fighting skills in a practice match
Versus - Take on a friend in a head-to-head match-up.
Arcade - Battle the Computer Controlled Dinos to win and unlock more features
There are other menu's which can be unlocked, check out the Hints & Cheats Page

Gameplay Screen 1. Health Meter - The Health meter displays your current dino's health level. when your dinosaur takes damage, the meter depletes. When your health meter completely depletes, the round ends.

2. Frenzy Meter - Whenever your dino inflicts damage or taunts the opposing dinosaur, the yellow Frenzy Meter slowly fills with red. When its completely red, the screen flashes -- and your dinosaur cries out in frenzy. You can enflict extra damage with a special frenzy attack.

* To Perform a Frenzy Attack, Press and Hold R2 then press any attack button
3. Timer - When this reaches Zero the round ends, the dinosaur with the least depleted health is declared the winner.

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