Before requesting affiliation, with please make sure you read the following requirements.

  1. Must Be dinosaur related, wether it be a Jurassic park Fansite, Trespasser, About the Film, etc.

  2. Must be active, that means no dead sites!

  3. Have a fair amount of original content.

  4. No popups in the site, that means ads and what not -- they are annoying

  5. Nothing of a pornographic, or shock nature

  6. Your site must not have any, foul language or scenes of an obscene nature.

  7. Be a nice clean layout, which is easy to navigate.

  8. More than 10 pages of original content.

The judgement wether or not to affiliate may not always fall upon meeting all the requirements. will review all applicants fairly and will try to respond to the application within 24 hours. If you are no successful, your site will be placed in the links page.

How To Apply

To apply, send the following in the webform;
Your Name
Your Nickname
Site Name
About your site
Then Email: Click Here

Once we recieve your request, the information provided will be checked and a respond email will be sent asap.
Upon being successful, you will supply an link or image of your site logo. Jurassica supports variety, and you may pick whichever logo/banner you wish from below.

Typical Buttons

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