Name: Carcharodontosaurus
Real Name: Hannah
Gender: Female
Location: Wales, Uk.
Fave Dinosaur(s): Velociraptor, Allosaurus, Carnotaurus, Giganotosaurus & Carcharodontosaurus
"Ive loved Dinosaurs since 1997, when Jurassic Park first came on the screens, Velociraptors were an instant favourite of mine." History: I first started to get into web design a few years ago, when we first got computer. I noticed a lot of people have web pages and felt like making my own personl page, although the first one I ever made was hosted on maxpages, had a pikachu on the front and giant font saying random crap. It failed of course. My interest in the complex designs grew and studied other websites and their layouts. Another more successful page was made using Geocities page builder(Which at the time I thought was great.)
I baught my first domain back in 2001, rekuaza.net an play of words. It was generally used to host a few mp3's rubbish and files for outgoing sites, But after some time we had issues with the hosts and I never got the domain back, thats when I went on a registering spree and baught over 12 domains(all of which gone).
It was then I had Ryu-Anime.net and decided to put some dinosaur information on it.
Out of curiosity, Id went on another domain registering hunt, And thought of a good Name, through Jurassic-Park and DinosaurWorld, remembered an series on National Geographic called "Jurassica", which at the time was my Favourite documentary on Dinosaurs, thus decided to use that name.

Job: The creator, and soul keeper of this website. I do my own images, updates and generally run the entire site on my own.
I dont have much patience with some aspects of this work but i try my best, and allocate my time to whats needed most.

Jurassica.net - About

Jurassica.Net first started in late September 2005. I happened to be following up on a few of my favourite websites, amongst them being Trescom, I website dedicated to Jurassic Park Trespasser, with an lethal amount of images, downloads and forum, even though the game is a few years old it still had some avid fans. Going about the links on Trescom, navigated and looked at many different websites including the infamous Dansjp website, being an Dinosaur fan since first watching Jurassic Park back in early 1997 had slowly built up the hobby of learning about theese fascinating creatures, baught books, drew and played games on them, I'm one of the few that actually liked Jurassic Park The lost world for Playstation.

Although there is a small amount of Dinosaur related games, a lot not doing them justice or comming out far over the top such as Turok, but the likes of Trespasser to some came out on top, its a shame that the only really popular game happened to be a PC Hunting game called Carnivores, and that the revolutionising Dreamworks couldnt muster an decent Dinosaur game. Alas for a long time Game wise..Dinosaurs were left in the mud for a few avid fans to cling to. It was this that I felt Dinosaur games had to little coverage and appreciation, for all the hard work done, many sites just plastered with a few reviews, images and cheats, but it was even harder to find full profiles including Charas and Dinos on commercial websites, even fansites fell short, again this was another inspiration to change all that, to follow in the footsteps of Trescom, but instead of focussing on one Game, but all that I could get my hands on to review and break open for others to see.

Jurassica.net - Past Designs

Version: 1.0
Created By: Jurassica.net 2010
First Used: 29th Sept 2005
Genre: Normal Banner with, Primal Prey Triceratops, Trespqasser Raptor 1, Carnivores City Scape Gigantosaurus and Carnivores 2 Allosaurus.
About: I mainly got a lot of inspiration from Gamespot although the background was an lined one, it soon changed with the new trend of blended backgrounds. This is one of the few sites where I really like the banner, each image was cut from their original with such precise acciracy I felt my hands would never be able to move again, from all the aching they endured. Overall I think it came out as a professional and slick looking gaming website, shame though the graphics weighed it down to much.

Version: 1.1
Created By: Jurassica.net 2010
First Used: 31st Jan 2006
Genre: Banner, with Primal Prey Triceratops, King Kong Vrex, Carnivores Cityscape Suchomimus, Warpath Cryolophosaurus, Carnivores T-rex, JP Survivor Raptor, Trespasser Velociraptor, Dino Crisis 2 Allosaurus, Carnivores Ice Age Megaloceros and The lost World Compy.
About: It was very heavy on the graphics with the background changing a few times, I loved the expandable menu as it helped with the navigation a lot. I decided to go with another professional and hi-tech look, implimenting an scene from Kingkong the game into the background. I really liked the design, but as 2007 came around I felt it was time for another upgrade. The colour scheme hasnt changed much since then.

Version: 1.2
Created By: Jurassica.net 2010
First Used: March 2007
Genre: A plain banner with, Primal Prey's Coelophysis and Jurassic park warpath's T-Rex.
About: I spent a long time on this layout, a few days in fact and even then that wasn't enough and had to change it a few times. I love the grey theme and kept it going like the past layouts. This one was meant to be a light and simple layout, with more menu's and a wider range of navigation options. It wasn't very heavily graphictised but some pages it did have more improved graphics than the last version. It was inspired after staring at the heavy and now I think -- horrible layout before this one, I wanted to go simple but effective as I personally dislike slow loading web pages.

Version: 1.3
Created By: Jurassica.net 2010
First Used: March 2009
Genre: Heavy Graphics, multiple dinosaurs used from various series.
About: I spent a few days on this layout, I made it all in paintshop pro 7! A lot of people were impressed with its design, it was simple but elegant looking. I made the menu much larger and wider to fit more content and make it easily navigational than its previous layout. I went with greys again as it's not the sites theme colours. Many hours were spent cutting various dinosaurs out for the menu icons.

Version: 2.0
Created By: Jurassica.net
First Used: Aug 2012
Genre: Heavy Graphics, multiple dinosaurs used from various series.
About: This was my first time in experimenting with dropdown menus and trying to make a simple and clean design that's easy to navigate, look at and update when needed. This layout had little input from users but no complaints which I'd like to think is a good thing, overall I loved making this and will miss it's style.
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