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News Date: 8th January 2013
Title: Virus
Hi everyone, hoped you've had a good new year!
Myself I've been busy moving out of my old accomodation to a new place and have only just got settled, unfortunately this meant I didn't have time to properly sort out and bring my website back online. This it's remained offline until today. I have searched every folder on my website and I believe I have located the source of where the hackers were getting in to plant the virus. I sincerly hope that nobody got affected by it and that you all don't lose faith in my website.
As you know I have worked on and updated Jurassica on my own since 2005. It is a fansite dedicated a genre which wasn't readily covered by normal media, I wanted to do what others did not and focus solely on Dinosaurs. I still have and always will love Dinosaur games. Sadly the site has been attacked more than once and hacked by obviously bored and jealous individuals-- something I have no idea why as to they would bother. But It annoys and angers me still that there are people out there ready to destory someones hard work for a laugh and to let the blame fall solely on them.
The previous statement in the last new stands. "I'd like to make this perfectly clear, this website never distributes malware or viruses of any kind." I will work on bringing the site back once again.
Thank you

News Date: 12th November 2012
Title: Google
For a few days this website was blocked by Google for "Malware". I'd like to make this perfectly clear, this website never distributes malware or viruses of any kind. All downloads are scanned by my antivirus which is Avast before I even upload them. Most downloaded files are done by myself and I will never ever put anything malicious into them. I have had no reason or real idea what might've caused google to flag this website but what I can gather and heard from other websites is it might've been one of the adverts from google adsense. Also I got a fair bit of spam from some bots through my contact page and have thus taken it down whilst I investigate.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused but Jurassica has been running for years now and I refuse to let a lie of it giving out viruses to sully its reputation. If you have any concerns or ideas on this matter don't hesitate to contact me at:
Thank you.

News Date: 26th June 2012
Title: Nice Emails
I know the site still has a lot that needs doing to it, but it's still here for those whom are interested in the games I have covered. I don't have the time I used to work on it, I am now living alone and spend most of my days working to keep a roof over my head and food in my stomach. I am glad a lot of people appreciate my website and still look to it for information and help. However..

I don't get many emails through my website, but when I do. I smile as most of them are thanks from people, but when I get ones like this I just stare at my screen in confusion:

Why don't you crawl out of the god damned cave that is your life and find something to do other than bullshit about how awesome this horrible website is.

If you want to attack people for stealing your so called 'artwork' why dont you stop stealing other peoples artwork and claiming it as yours? Your whole damned website's banner is stolen from Turok 2008, the Affiliates link has the Dino Crisis TRex on it, I'm sure the Capcom artists appreciate you stealing their work.


Grow up, get a life and stop being such a god damned jerk wad to the universe, no one owes you anything, not even a little brown turd.

Oh and if catch you hassling my business affiliates again, I will take legal action.


Um, sorry I have no idea what you are on about. It's obvious you cannot read, on the side it clearly states:
All images, unless stated..." Which means in a nutshell, the images I obtained from the various games and spent the time to cut said images from screenshots are my own hard work and appreciate people not using them without asking.
I do not claim any ownership otherwise. I do not claim profit, true ownership nor copyright of such images. I merely claim the time it has taken to cut out the dinosaurs etc from each individual screenshot, which I don't have to do but I wanted to. And it upsets me when people hotlink and use the images for their own websites without asking me to. If people asked first then I wouldn't get upset, but when they just take and NOT leave credit then I get upset.
I am sure you would love it if you made something, worked hard on it..spent hours creating it for someone to just right click, save and deface it claiming their own. I am quite tame compared to a lot of people out there whom WILL get legal on those that do it.
Oh..and hasseling your business..what I have not been near a single business, person or whatever you think I have done so do some research before throwing your weight about and making up false accusations.

Feel free to continue to spam my inbox with your nonesense. Oh and thanks for your IP, if you send anymore such emails I shall be reporting you to your ISP hosts. Thank you.
News Date: 19th January 2010
Title: More Updates
I have updated the Warpath section with new high quality images of each dinosaur skin that you can unlock as well as fact & flub page, which discusses the Myths of Jurassic Park: Warpath.
There are now more Avatars, Wallpapers and Screenshots available for you to view/download so check out the sections to see the new content.
I am still working on the Dino Crisis 2 section, but I have also been recording a lot of high quality gameplay of Carnivores, Carnivores 2, Warpath and The Lost world, all in the highest standards you can obtain of each game. That means max settings, max quality and 100% pure playback, you can find these new Videos on my My youtube channel.

News Date: 22nd June 2009
Title: Screenshots Update
I have been working on my collection of high quality screenshots for the various sections and a way to display them effectivly. I have scrapped the original screenshots idea and merely displayed them on their own page with a unique popup, which I suggest if you have an image blocker to allow this site so you may view the images properly.
I currently have over 500 screenshots waiting to be resized, marked and added to the site and so far I have only completed The Lost World and Carnivores. It's quite time consuming so I'd appreciate Jurassica's logo not being removed from Any of the screenshots. If you wish to use any of them without my logo, then message me and I'll send you high quality images which you must leave me credit for.

News Date: 10th March 2009
Title: More Updates
I have done quite a bit of work on the site, I have added no less than 16 new Wallpapers! You can check them out Here. As well as some nice plain banners you can use on your websites, I have also updated the graphics on the Dinosaurs for the Lost World Section. As well as taking loads of new High Quality screenshots for the sections that are lacking in Screenshots, due to this the screenshots page is down for the time being. But you can view the Unlockable galleries of all the Lost World Characters you can play, so if you're not in the mood to get every DNA symbol to unlock it or enter the Cheat codes I have done it for you!.
I have almost finished the Dinosaurs section of Carnivores Cityscape, just a few more to cut out and some Agent missions to do for Screenshots and information. So keep your eye out for those updates over the comming week! I hope to have it done soon so I can move onto the much Anticipated Dino Crisis 2 section which people have been pestering me about!

News Date: 03rd March 2009
Title: New Design
After debating for a while I decided to design a new layout!
It took around 6 hours to complete and that's not with the re-coding that had to be done! x.x; I have started work on finishing the Cityscape section and I have included a small progress bar thing below the news so you may see how far I am on completing certain sections without having to badger me.
I hope you enjoy the new layout as much as I do! I wanted to make it a bit more compact and easier to navigate plus the old layout was looking -- old! so this is a nice change.
Keep an eye out for more updates as they come along.
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